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Mimikyu :icontriple7s:triple7s 3 0 It's Ya Boy :icontriple7s:triple7s 2 8
Kingdoms Child RP
You are ruler of a kingdom, a few possible heirs, a few sons and a few daughters too. There's just one problem, while your kingdom grows, you have another kingdom growing, and it may be detrimental to your growth, and of course, there was some disputes between borders. Luckily, both you and the king of the other kingdom did not want war amongst the people, therefore, you agreed to meet at a non-disclosed meeting place to discuss the borders so that the kingdoms could be at peace. Unfortunately, the king was poisoned, and no one knows who could've done it, even worse, the king had brought his son along to see how to negotiate peacefully to one day be a great ruler, however, the king was dead, and after enough time, the news would reach his kingdom and revolt. but what to do with his son? Of course you had to adopt him, you couldn't leave the little prince to die.....As he grew, he had accepted you as his father, and was so young, he didn't even remember the now warring kingdom, his orig
:icontriple7s:triple7s 4 94
The Lab RP
You are a scientist, plain and simple. Well, not so simple now, basically no one has volunteered for experiments as of late, and you absolutely need people, you've already moved past animal testing and are now in the next stage, human testing. Since no one has volunteered, you need to take drastic measures, you need to kidnap someone. You find a random man, about 20-ish and manage to drug him unconscious, until he is ready to be tested on....
This is a tf RP
No switching
Available side effects include: tf, tg, ar, mc
:icontriple7s:triple7s 2 1,782
Ninetales and Mightyena fusion sprite :icontriple7s:triple7s 0 10
Summertime RP
It's summer! Hooray! Well, not exactly, it's a few weeks into summer, and you notice that I haven't come out once since school got out. Since you're my best friend, and you worry for my health, since there are a few illnesses that could come from lack of being outside, you decide to change me using a potion/spell you found online to encourage me to go outside more.
No switching
Most side-effects are allowed
:icontriple7s:triple7s 1 2,192
OC Nickoli the Inu
Name: Nickoli
Species: Inu
Gender: Male
Appearance: Bright blond hair, ears, and tail; deep green eyes; somewhat short; longish hair; huge, furry tail
Personality: Very excitable; incredibly social; somewhat childlike even when grown
Other Features: Has somewhat a fear of abandonment; heavy sleeper
:icontriple7s:triple7s 0 11
Resolution RP
It New Years and I make a resolution. Since you know I won't be able to keep it, you decide to change my form so I can
You decide my resolution and therefore, my change
Tg, tf, and ar are allowed
:icontriple7s:triple7s 2 2,588
Vampiric Show RP
You are a wanderer in a medieval-ish, coming through a town for a few days, to eat and rest, and you hear that there's a good show. Figuring it's some sort of circus or play, you go to see.
You pay admission and when you get in, you're horrified! You see some people torturing a someone in his late teens. As you watch the show, you figure that the one being tortured is a vampire, with him being repeatedly splashed with holy water, stabbed in the chest close to his heart by wooden stakes, and thrown into the sun by almost minutes at a time, all while screaming in pain. Since you see this as inhumane, even for a creature of the night, you decide to free him.
You arrive late at night, sneaking in, you look to find the vampire and you find him locked up in a cage like an animal.
What do you do?
:icontriple7s:triple7s 1 5,566
The Wars Enemy RP
This is a world where the two most evolved species, humans and sorta human-animal hybrids, cannot coexist with each other, and constantly fight to eradicate the other. Because of this, the humans created hidden underground bunkers that civilians flee to during attacks. The town you live in is right on the border between the humans' and the other species' territories, so you're constantly in the bunker, along with some other people.
One day, in the bunker, you hear crying, and that's normal, from people who couldn't make it to refuge in time.........but wait, this sounded younger, much younger. You open up the hatch door a little, just enough to see who's crying. Just barely, through the dust and debris, you see a child next to a woman, who is presumably his mother, who he is vigorously shaking "mommy get up! Please get up!" he yells, tears streaming down his face, but half of the woman is pinned down by a large piece of shrapnel and has blood coughed up around the mouth. You
:icontriple7s:triple7s 4 2,142
Kings New Son RP
You are a king, and you have no heir. This is because a witch has cursed your family for generations, and it gets worse every generation. It started with your grandfather, who was destined to die at the age of 30, luckily he was married early and was able to impregnate your grandmother before his fate got him. Then it was your father who caught an incurable disease not long after reaching maturity, but that did not stop him from having you. He died shortly after your birth. Then there's you, you have been cursed with infertility, and because of that, your wife cannot bear a child. You also cannot adopt, because that would most likely cause a mutiny from the towns you rule. Just when you have given up, you get reports of a new prisoner in your dungeon. As you go there to see who it is, you see it is just a child, no older than 8 years old. You also notice that he looks somewhat like you, you could most likely adopt him without anyone knowing and your family would live on, but then
:icontriple7s:triple7s 2 583
Shigami the Draconian
Name: Shigami
Species: Draconian
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dark hair; red eyes; black wings with red webbing; tall; pale; scrawny yet strong
Personality: Distant; quiet; violent; rather fight than talk
Other features: Prince of the Draconian people; dead parents; doesn't take the title of king out of respect for his father; able to breathe corrosive breath; carries a scythe that's bigger than him and was given to him by his father; due to numerous executions with his scythe, he has earned the alias 'Reaper'
:icontriple7s:triple7s 1 0
Chibi Kid Goku :icontriple7s:triple7s 0 0
OC Arison the Witch
Name: Arison
Species: Human 
Appearance: Long, dark purple hair; greenish eyes; somewhat pale skin; slender body; just under average height
Personality: Very nice person, but she doesn't make herself stand out much; charitable; wanting to help anybody she can; doesn't cause epidemics and plagues; more of a wicken than a witch really
Other Features: Specializes in fire and holy magic attributes; also goes by Aris; has a dove familiar named Kasai; takes care of her mothers cat familiar named Netsu
:icontriple7s:triple7s 0 3
Zero 2 :icontriple7s:triple7s 3 0
The Beast RP
You and I are great friends. And I mean best friends, we grew up and did everything together. One day, you ask me if I wanted to go camping deep in the woods for a few nights and, of course, I say yes. One the first day, we get there, get set up, and do the standard stuff: fishing, hiking, some archery.
One the second night, we do some more of the same stuff, nothing special. Everything was going fine until the third and final night and it was going good until later that night, I say I have to go to the bathroom, which we agreed it would be best if we put our bathroom spot a ways away from our campsite, as to not have to smell it. After about half an hour, you begin to get worried, which is when you hear loud growling in the direction of our bathroom spot, then loud screams which turns into howling. Blinded by fear, you decide to go to sleep. You don't see me until the next morning, in which I' m passed out near my shredded up tent, with three large slash marks on my chest, b
:icontriple7s:triple7s 6 3,784


Anime girl salon RP
It's just a random idea where there is a salon that changes people into anime girls. There likely are normal sessions for anime girl stereotypes or special ones for certain characters.
This one will likely be a 3 (for the sake of tine stricken RPers) at a time RP.
:icongallifreyanartist:GallifreyanArtist 4 795
Request Phoenix Bahamut :iconvampirequeensenpai:VampireQueenSenpai 1 3 Froslass TF/TG :iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 9 2
Stuck in the Television RP
Self-explanitory RP where one of us get sucked into the television screen, unable to get out.
Who gets sucked in?:
-Both of us
What's on the TV?
-Video Game (including VR)
 -Something kinky? XD
-Transformation (animate/inanimate)
-Gender swap
-Weight gain/fat
-Inflation (air/berry)
-Face/limb removal
-Age regression
-This rp is open to all
-Respond when I start us both off, otherwise i consider that rp dropped.
-No one-word replies!
-Whatever we get sucked into can be an official franchise (think of your favorite anime or video game) or just something completely made up.
-I don't really care what rp style you use as long as it's able for me to read.
-If you don't have any kinks, that's fine. But please tell me otherwise
:iconmagentapaws:MagentaPaws 5 520
Makeshift, Random RP Prompts
Makeshift, Random RP Prompts
Prompt #1 - "Switched Places"
It had been a wonderful day, in all honesty. You had a decent day at work, no real trouble throughout the day, and it had been quite easygoing. Here you are, home at 5:00 PM and free to relax for the rest of the evening. You had been looking at the movies available for rent - a few were laughable, a few seemed interesting - but you never got the chance to rent any of them or even watch the trailers. Seeing as the minute you sat down on your couch, the world swayed and swirled together for a moment...
And then you find yourself in a well-decorated living room surrounded by three young adults with horns, snake-like eyes, and pointed tails swishing behind them. They're clutching a Ouija board and are now staring at you horrified. While one of them throws the board at you, the others take off down the hall and into a bathroom - screaming. They almost lock their friend out, who once inside yells "I told you we shouldn't have touched
:iconjojo419:JoJo419 7 148
Magical Perfume TF RP 2.0
One night, as you are cleaning out the basement, you stumble across a set of ornate perfume bottles. Who could have bought them and why, you don't know, but the bottles brim with a magical energy, and one spritz will have wondrous and amazing effects.
The rules:
--Once you pick a bottle, you're stuck with it
--No mature situations
--No godmodding
You have your choice of ten bottles:
Emerald--transform into a living crystal
Ruby--transform into a phoenix
Lapis--transform into a jeweled butterfly
Sapphire--transform into a swan man or swan lady
Topaz--transform into a living thunderbolt
Aquamarine--transform into a guardian snow spirit
Diamond--transform into an angel
Amethyst--transform into a star fairy
Pearl--transform into a merperson
Crystal--transform into a muse
Which bottle do you choose? What adventures await in your new form?
:iconlightningtopaz:LightningTopaz 3 1,284
Five Nights at Gaster's :icondark-merchant:Dark-Merchant 227 48 Litten :iconcthulhufruitloops:CthulhuFruitLoops 381 13
Little Lia (RP)
A young 10 year old girl stands at your doorstep. She is wearing a black and red dress which it appears she wove herself. She had kept, short black hair. She wore nothing on her feet.
"I'm hungry." The small girl said.
1) Let her in.
2) Ask her questions.
3) Option of your choice
Note: Since Lia is 10 in this rp, no romance or nsfw. Though, tickling is fine, but don't force it.
:iconaratzegardevior:AratZeGardevior 1 4,653
Request: Angie and Kaito :iconvampirequeensenpai:VampireQueenSenpai 1 7 You don't say :iconnightstar-the-bobcat:NightStar-the-Bobcat 37 11 Guzma Breakdance (Animated) :iconlt-hokyo:Lt-Hokyo 345 90 Midnight Release :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 2,167 427 (arch)angel :iconderrewyn:Derrewyn 311 7
New treat 2
Halloween had come and here Tyler was out walking around watching over the girl from next door and three of her friends all of them were nice kids so it was fine and you were getting $20 for it so it was ok Mimi had even given you a candy she got from the last house a women dressed as a purple witch had given out
Watching them head up to another house you pop the candy into your mouth and chewed on it as you felt a taste enter you that brought out memories as you were court up you didn’t notice your body start changing reshaping itself as you lost some height your short brown hair lengthened to mid back before tie itself into two ponytails as they come over your side your face now more feminine
So good was all you thought as slowly more and more of your look took on a more feminine look as your clothing changed to cover your changing body long shorts turned into nice jeans, baggy shirt turned into a blue top with gamer girl written on it as your hoodie refit itself to suit you no
:iconlord-corruption:Lord-Corruption 1 6
REQUEST: Ifrit :iconvampirequeensenpai:VampireQueenSenpai 1 7



Just another quick drawing I did, this one in about 40 minutes at most
It's Ya Boy
He'll beat you down, and beat you down, and never let up!

This is just a drawing I did really quick, only like an hour at most.
Well, I beat the post game of Pokémon Sun, even catching Necrozma, and in only 7 pokeballs, and just pokeballs, and considering he has the lowest catch rate, I feel catching him in only 7 pokeballs is justifiable for turning me back, but I have a feeling for not too much longer......
Damn it Awe! Why can't you just have a normal life!?
Sigh Anyway, yes, I've been tf'd due to :iconawestriker007: But hey, at least it's relevant! I'm now a female anthro Lunala
Well, I beat the post game of Pokémon Sun, even catching Necrozma, and in only 7 pokeballs, and just pokeballs, and considering he has the lowest catch rate, I feel catching him in only 7 pokeballs is justifiable for turning me back, but I have a feeling for not too much longer......


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