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Mimikyu  by triple7s Mimikyu :icontriple7s:triple7s 3 0 It's Ya Boy by triple7s It's Ya Boy :icontriple7s:triple7s 2 8
Kingdoms Child RP
You are ruler of a kingdom, a few possible heirs, a few sons and a few daughters too. There's just one problem, while your kingdom grows, you have another kingdom growing, and it may be detrimental to your growth, and of course, there was some disputes between borders. Luckily, both you and the king of the other kingdom did not want war amongst the people, therefore, you agreed to meet at a non-disclosed meeting place to discuss the borders so that the kingdoms could be at peace. Unfortunately, the king was poisoned, and no one knows who could've done it, even worse, the king had brought his son along to see how to negotiate peacefully to one day be a great ruler, however, the king was dead, and after enough time, the news would reach his kingdom and revolt. but what to do with his son? Of course you had to adopt him, you couldn't leave the little prince to die.....As he grew, he had accepted you as his father, and was so young, he didn't even remember the now warring kingdom, his orig
:icontriple7s:triple7s 4 94
The Lab RP
You are a scientist, plain and simple. Well, not so simple now, basically no one has volunteered for experiments as of late, and you absolutely need people, you've already moved past animal testing and are now in the next stage, human testing. Since no one has volunteered, you need to take drastic measures, you need to kidnap someone. You find a random man, about 20-ish and manage to drug him unconscious, until he is ready to be tested on....
This is a tf RP
No switching
Available side effects include: tf, tg, ar, mc
:icontriple7s:triple7s 2 1,786
Ninetales and Mightyena fusion sprite by triple7s Ninetales and Mightyena fusion sprite :icontriple7s:triple7s 0 10
Summertime RP
It's summer! Hooray! Well, not exactly, it's a few weeks into summer, and you notice that I haven't come out once since school got out. Since you're my best friend, and you worry for my health, since there are a few illnesses that could come from lack of being outside, you decide to change me using a potion/spell you found online to encourage me to go outside more.
No switching
Most side-effects are allowed
:icontriple7s:triple7s 1 2,192
OC Nickoli the Inu
Name: Nickoli
Species: Inu
Gender: Male
Appearance: Bright blond hair, ears, and tail; deep green eyes; somewhat short; longish hair; huge, furry tail
Personality: Very excitable; incredibly social; somewhat childlike even when grown
Other Features: Has somewhat a fear of abandonment; heavy sleeper
:icontriple7s:triple7s 0 11
Resolution RP
It New Years and I make a resolution. Since you know I won't be able to keep it, you decide to change my form so I can
You decide my resolution and therefore, my change
Tg, tf, and ar are allowed
:icontriple7s:triple7s 2 2,588
Vampiric Show RP
You are a wanderer in a medieval-ish, coming through a town for a few days, to eat and rest, and you hear that there's a good show. Figuring it's some sort of circus or play, you go to see.
You pay admission and when you get in, you're horrified! You see some people torturing a someone in his late teens. As you watch the show, you figure that the one being tortured is a vampire, with him being repeatedly splashed with holy water, stabbed in the chest close to his heart by wooden stakes, and thrown into the sun by almost minutes at a time, all while screaming in pain. Since you see this as inhumane, even for a creature of the night, you decide to free him.
You arrive late at night, sneaking in, you look to find the vampire and you find him locked up in a cage like an animal.
What do you do?
:icontriple7s:triple7s 1 5,566
The Wars Enemy RP
This is a world where the two most evolved species, humans and sorta human-animal hybrids, cannot coexist with each other, and constantly fight to eradicate the other. Because of this, the humans created hidden underground bunkers that civilians flee to during attacks. The town you live in is right on the border between the humans' and the other species' territories, so you're constantly in the bunker, along with some other people.
One day, in the bunker, you hear crying, and that's normal, from people who couldn't make it to refuge in time.........but wait, this sounded younger, much younger. You open up the hatch door a little, just enough to see who's crying. Just barely, through the dust and debris, you see a child next to a woman, who is presumably his mother, who he is vigorously shaking "mommy get up! Please get up!" he yells, tears streaming down his face, but half of the woman is pinned down by a large piece of shrapnel and has blood coughed up around the mouth. You
:icontriple7s:triple7s 4 2,142
Kings New Son RP
You are a king, and you have no heir. This is because a witch has cursed your family for generations, and it gets worse every generation. It started with your grandfather, who was destined to die at the age of 30, luckily he was married early and was able to impregnate your grandmother before his fate got him. Then it was your father who caught an incurable disease not long after reaching maturity, but that did not stop him from having you. He died shortly after your birth. Then there's you, you have been cursed with infertility, and because of that, your wife cannot bear a child. You also cannot adopt, because that would most likely cause a mutiny from the towns you rule. Just when you have given up, you get reports of a new prisoner in your dungeon. As you go there to see who it is, you see it is just a child, no older than 8 years old. You also notice that he looks somewhat like you, you could most likely adopt him without anyone knowing and your family would live on, but then
:icontriple7s:triple7s 2 583
Shigami the Draconian
Name: Shigami
Species: Draconian
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dark hair; red eyes; black wings with red webbing; tall; pale; scrawny yet strong
Personality: Distant; quiet; violent; rather fight than talk
Other features: Prince of the Draconian people; dead parents; doesn't take the title of king out of respect for his father; able to breathe corrosive breath; carries a scythe that's bigger than him and was given to him by his father; due to numerous executions with his scythe, he has earned the alias 'Reaper'
:icontriple7s:triple7s 1 0
Chibi Kid Goku by triple7s Chibi Kid Goku :icontriple7s:triple7s 0 0
OC Arison the Witch
Name: Arison
Species: Human 
Appearance: Long, dark purple hair; greenish eyes; somewhat pale skin; slender body; just under average height
Personality: Very nice person, but she doesn't make herself stand out much; charitable; wanting to help anybody she can; doesn't cause epidemics and plagues; more of a wicken than a witch really
Other Features: Specializes in fire and holy magic attributes; also goes by Aris; has a dove familiar named Kasai; takes care of her mothers cat familiar named Netsu
:icontriple7s:triple7s 0 3
Zero 2 by triple7s Zero 2 :icontriple7s:triple7s 3 0
The Beast RP
You and I are great friends. And I mean best friends, we grew up and did everything together. One day, you ask me if I wanted to go camping deep in the woods for a few nights and, of course, I say yes. One the first day, we get there, get set up, and do the standard stuff: fishing, hiking, some archery.
One the second night, we do some more of the same stuff, nothing special. Everything was going fine until the third and final night and it was going good until later that night, I say I have to go to the bathroom, which we agreed it would be best if we put our bathroom spot a ways away from our campsite, as to not have to smell it. After about half an hour, you begin to get worried, which is when you hear loud growling in the direction of our bathroom spot, then loud screams which turns into howling. Blinded by fear, you decide to go to sleep. You don't see me until the next morning, in which I' m passed out near my shredded up tent, with three large slash marks on my chest, b
:icontriple7s:triple7s 6 4,687


Super Saiyan Blue by KingPuddinArt Super Saiyan Blue :iconkingpuddinart:KingPuddinArt 11 3 Shiny mega gardevoir gijinka cosplay (rp) by br4ndonm4rio Shiny mega gardevoir gijinka cosplay (rp) :iconbr4ndonm4rio:br4ndonm4rio 13 795
Secret Desire (Pokemon Tg Tf Rp)
For a long while now, you had a simple wish, to be a pokemon anthro, a female one! And when the opportunity comes, will you take it? Even if it means sacrificing more than what's in your pants? It may come easy and 100% peachy, or not at all. Oh well, at least you got a good rack
TG required
Reference pic needed
Does not have to be mature!!! It can be happy :)
Mature in notes, as per usual
:iconzomgom:ZomGom 10 249
Mega evolution tf ro
I know I done this rp but I really wanna rp it
Trigger can be anything
Anthro gijinka tg mc AR ap allowed
No mature
:iconbr4ndonm4rio:br4ndonm4rio 2 300
The Exchange Rp Prompt
Scenario 1
You are a ruler, and long has war raged between your kingdom, and another. The fact that you are not of the same species has only fueled hostilities further. However, it seems as though you may have finally reached a point where the war can come to an end. Good thing too; while your people were holding out well, a series of losses had shifted the balance of power in your enemies favor. Perhaps that was why you so readily accepted the terms of the peace treaty: That each royal family exchange their youngest member, to be raised as an ambassador within the other kingdom's culture. While you are not exactly excited to give up your youngest child (or sibling), it has been made clear that there is no negotiating this.
So, with heavy hearts, you and your family and a small selection of guards arrive at the site for the exchange, a neutral territory selected by you. After a tearful goodbye, you send your family member walking towards the other side, just as you see your former foes
:icongrayknight121:GrayKnight121 9 610
Dragon Rider Rp Prompt
For as long as anyone can remember, there have been dragon riders in the kingdom you call home. As the story goes, they were created after a centuries long war between your kingdom and the great lizards themselves, as a means of preventing further conflict. The 'wild' dragons gave their eggs in the hope that some may help to create these great peace keepers. Originally, anyone could be a rider, and the eggs went on 'tour', so to speak, going from village to village. 
However, centuries ago, the king of your land, a dragon rider himself, decided to change the rules. A charismatic and cunning ruler, he managed to create a large following of fellow riders, in addition to the kingdom's large military. Finally, he made his move with a controversial proclamation. From then on, all riders were forced to swear fealty to the royal family, or faced aggression from the military and allied riders. The explanation was that it would strengthen the kingdom, and thereby strengt
:icongrayknight121:GrayKnight121 13 3,283
Shards of another universe (Closed...)
this is a simpler rp then most, as such the prompt will be shorter. But trust me. I assure you I'll push out quality as much as you will let me like always.
It was a simple morning....alarm buzzing, me and you had prepared a nice day trip, one outside to enjoy the great outdoors. It was going to be nice and simple. However, after getting to the area of choice very early in the morning....we found something odd, the area had masks scattered all about that seemed to resemble Pokemon....Unknown to us about the origins of these masks, they possesssed the spirits of Pokemon. Wanting to awaken.
The rp doesn't have any choices really except for choosing a non-legendary status Pokemon, shiny or not. The location were in will be determined by Pokemon of choice.
You will be given both an anthro and feral form. Unless your a Pokemon who is anthro enough already -ehem- Say things like Greninja, lucario, Lycanroc N, And gardivor.
Oh, and TG or not.
....Oh, and also, you can also tell me if you want
:iconsun4000:sun4000 3 529
Pokemon Summer Camp RP
(This RP is rated E10+)
Nestled within the mountains of Kalos is Camp Lumiere, a sprawling campground for aspiring trainers and young trainers to bond with their Pokemon, as well as games, sports, arts and crafts, performances, and more.
While camp sessions are held all year round, the summer sessions are arguably the most popular sessions, with two week sessions held from mid-May to early September. While the price to attend the camp is reasonable (and scholarships are available for lower-income families), it is encouraged to sign up early, as sessions fill up quickly.
One of the camp's best loved traditions is the camp name--a fun nickname that reflects some aspect of the camper's personality. While at camp, you are encouraged to call everyone by their camp name--even the staff, counselors, and counselors in training have one.
You play the role of a young trainer heading to the camp for the summer--will this be the best summer ever? Or will it be a summer of pure torture?
To join in,
:iconlightningtopaz:LightningTopaz 1 403
Gaming Dad's .... rpg comic by travisJhanson Gaming Dad's .... rpg comic :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 307 22
Zelda Race Tf Rp
In this rp we are busy playing a Zelda game but sadly we get cursed by the game itself to be a certain race for a w while and life like such in the Zelda universe, which can lead to a bit of chaos depending on what we become
The Legend Of Zelda Races!
1. Human (round ear, Ordon, any village, and any type) (Hylian)
2. Goron
3. Zora
4. Deku
5. Rito
6. Skull Kid
7. Twili (imp or normal)
8. Yook
9. Gerudo
10. Sheika
11. Minish or Picori
12. Garo (the assassin guys)
13. Oocca
14. Fairy (all types)
15. Tokay
16. Wind Tribe
17. Kokiri
18. Anouki
19. Korok
20. Poe
21. Kikwi
22. Mogma
23. Loftwing
24. Lokomo
25. Keaton
26. Subrosian
27. Cobble
28. Dragon (multiple types)
29. Zuna (need to look it up a bit more then others)
30. Parella
31. Yeti
32. Monkey
33. Deity
34. Ancient robot
35. The Race Of A Boss
36. The Race Of A Mini Boss
37. The Race Of A Enemy
38. The Blin-family
39. Any race i didn't metion
1. No 18+
2. have fun
3. Tg, Mind Change, and more are all allowed
4. no
:icongmquilmataalpha:GMQUilmataalpha 5 2,218
PokeJealousy by ChompWorks PokeJealousy :iconchompworks:ChompWorks 176 58
Mature content
Latex Lair RP :iconsilverfox5645:SilverFox5645 6 2,253
Spectacular Spiderman # 1 by Summerset Spectacular Spiderman # 1 :iconsummerset:Summerset 373 8
Legends Need Vacations, Too. (TF RP)
You'd think that after a few thousand years of existence, legendary Pokemon would need a break from performing their duties.
It turns out they do. Unfortunately, they change humans into them so nothing goes wrong when they're gone.
...At least, that's what they think.
Unfortunately (or fortunately) for you (or me, if you want), it turns out one of the legendaries wants you (or me) to take their place.
1. Legendary Pokemon only. This includes Ultra Beasts, as well.
2. Side effects allowed are TG, Anthro, AR, AP, and MC. Anything else, ask me.
3. In your comment, tell me what 9 times 8 is, to prove you read the rules.
4. Put some effort into your responses. No "..." or anything like that. It makes it harder to RP.
5. In your first response, tell me who's changing, and into what legendary.
Have fun!
:iconpokefan-tf:Pokefan-Tf 11 16,337
25 years of Kirby by anocurry 25 years of Kirby :iconanocurry:anocurry 402 33



My soda can tower fell at a height of 10 cans, it was a grievous loss.....
Welp.....I'm building a tower of Coke cans on my nightstand, I'm up to 5 so far
Just another quick drawing I did, this one in about 40 minutes at most
Well, I beat the post game of Pokémon Sun, even catching Necrozma, and in only 7 pokeballs, and just pokeballs, and considering he has the lowest catch rate, I feel catching him in only 7 pokeballs is justifiable for turning me back, but I have a feeling for not too much longer......


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